About Us

Hello everyone!

My name is Jakub "jemmeble" Konopka and I am the founder and CEO of AimersAttack company. Just like you, I also love games and my favourite one is Counter Strike: Global Offensive! By the way, lots of you must have played with me in the past - I have more than 4k hours in the game!

Hey, that's me!

Hey! We can still play together! Just join our steam group here: AimersAttack Steam Group.

We offer quality!

AimersAttack was created because we had an opportunity to offer high quality accessories for lower prices than anyone else. We love to share and if you're interested, you can enter our monthly giveaway!
Our mission is to bring you more value than you expect!

Who are our partners?

Production: We need to keep our suppliers secret for business integrity. We have competitors who would love to know how we can sell such high quality knives and apparel so cheap.

Couriers: We couldn't start without huge help from these very respectable companies. They are one important part of what makes this all work!
These are our couriers:


PolishPost, founded in 1558.

General Logistics Systems, founded in 1991.