Frequently Asked Questions

Got some questions? Feel free to contact us, but please read this list first!

I. Knives details

Question: Are these knives real?
Our knives are real, made from fine steel! However they are made for collection and display purposes only - keep that in mind!

Question: Are the blades dull or sharp?
Our knives are sharp so please be careful with them! If you want to order a dull knife please contact us after ordering!

Question: What is a dull blade?
Dull blades are rounded, so they are unable to cut anything. Knives with dull blades still look the same as sharp ones!

    II. Knives shipping

    Question: Where are you shipping from?

    We are shipping from our company headquarters in Zambrow, Poland.

    Question: How long does a shipment take?
    After your order is placed we need about 1 business day to fulfil it. Then, when our courier takes it, you can see the delivery time on the timetable on our Shipping Page.

    Question: Are you shipping to my country?
    You can check where we are shipping to on the Shipping Page.
    If your country isn't on our list, just contact us and we will do our best! In 9/10 situations we can ship to your country even it's not listed on our default shipping table!

    Question: What about customs in my country?
    If you are ordering to Europe then don't worry about anything! We have the Schengen Zone and we can trade freely.
    If you are ordering to USA or Canada then your package could get stopped in customs, but you shouldn't worry neither! The timetable on the Shipping Page includes customs delays, which means if your package doesn't get stopped, then you'll get it about 5 days faster!

    III. Laws and rules

    Question: Are these knives legal in my region?
    If we are shipping to your region/country, that means they are legal to own. Note however that it might be illegal to carry them in public. These knives are display/collectible items and are not intended for regular use.

    Question: How old should I be to buy your knives?
    Orders can be completed only by someone who reached legal age. Legal ages are determined by your region/country. Some regions/countries might allow completing order under adult permission.

    IV. Apparel details

    V. Apparel shipping

    VI. Order Processing

    Question: How long are you processing orders?
    We are processing orders in no more than 1 business day.

    Question: What payment methods are you accepting?
    We offer PayPal payment method - they are offering checkout by: CreditCards and PayPal account

    Question: Is my contact data safe?
    To the fullest extent! You can read about privacy policy details on our Privacy Policy Page.

    Question: What about returns/refunds?
    You can read about it on our Return Policy Page.